In the historic region of South-West Piedmont, a precious land nestles between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo, revealing itself by the unfolding of many rolling hills. Several rows of vineyards streak the gentle slopes, while three different rivers – the Tanaro, the Belbo and the Bormida – course through its fertile soil to enclose its borders. There lie the Langhe.
Two friends who share a true passion for cycling, Davide and Marco, have often engaged in excursions across this hilly land. Jaunt after jaunt, they have come to understand that the environment does not merely play the role of a background setting of their journeys. Instead, the land interacts with them as a co-starring participant in their trips.
Hence came to their minds the idea of “Classica delle Langhe”. They wanted to reflect the pleasures of cycling and discovering the rustic authenticity of Piedmont’s cuisine (to be savoured over an excellent glass of wine), in the initiative’s motto itself: meno agonismo, più agriturismo.
“Classica delle Langhe” aims to the valorisation of a territory whose complex meanings cannot be put into words. The distinctiveness of its never-changing, yet always different natural features, the rich heritage of its food and winescape, the various hallmarks of its past: all this contribute to an unforeseeably novel experience, every time.
This project promotes the (re)discovery of the least travelled countryside paths. Hidden trails no one would notice if they weren’t driven by the curiosity of a hungry mind. Crossroads, corners, tracks, all resonate with history, evoking human and environmental lives of long ago. Castles standing high against the clear sky, memories of poverty such as told by local writers, ruins of the dwellings of yore, whole villages forsaken by their former inhabitants.
By cycling upwards, the “explorers” will finally get to the heavenly stillness of the hilltops, deeply breathing the intimate peace that surrounds them.
“Classica delle Langhe” is all about our passion for sharing. We want to disclose the heart, the life and the taste of our territory to a wide range of visitors.
Many endeavours have been undertaken to make the experience of the land suitable for tourists. The locals’ support to our project testifies to a welcoming attitude that is typical of Piedmont. Mighty castles have turned into ethnographic museums, while a number of farms have been converted into B&Bs where everyone’s appetites will be tickled by the finest delicacies.
These include savoury white truffles, DOP cheese, IGP certified Langhe hazelnuts (“Tonda Gentile”), plus such world-wide renowned wines as Barolo and Barbaresco.
This, and much more, make this area a favourite destination for gastronomical tourism, wine-tasting and culture; not to mention the astounding beauty of the natural environment, which has recently been included in the Unesco World Heritage List (2014).
Our goal is to provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for meetings on an annual base, in order to encourage the discovery and fulfilling appreciation of this land’s treasures and beauties.